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    The Food and Beverage Management course aims to teach students a broad array of theories

    regarding food and beverage industry. This course is not limited to teaching just theories

    written in books but half of the studying period gives the student time to learn

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    necessary for a successful Food and Management graduate later on.

    The following are the skills that each student taking up

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    course must possess upon graduating:

    ?Sales auditing, inventory, and forecasting.
    ?Menu cultivation and development
    ?Knowledge of different types of winds, beers, liquors, and cordials
    ?Food and Beverage budgeting
    ?Staff training and managing
    ?Product costing and pricingswtor credit

    ?Guest control
    ?Bar management
    ?Inventory control
    ?Restaurant laws and legal issues
    ?Profit and loss statements
    ?Accounting knowledge for bars and restaurants

    The Food and Beverage Management program has a curriculum designed specifically for

    individuals who seek managerial positions in the food service field. The program seeks to

    expose students of the course to give extensive exposure to a wide subject of food and

    beverage management. The course is subdivided into branches of skills including cost control,

    reporting requirements, safety and sanitation, supervisory skills, and other operational

    skills in the field of food and beverage management.

    Compared to the older course in the tourism industry which is Hotel and Restaurant

    Management, the Food and Beverage Management course differs in several aspects. The Food and

    Beverage Management course teaches the following skills which other tourism courses dont


    ?Explain the effect of the different food types to human health.
    ?Handling of foodstuffs and managing of kitchen facilities that would result to maximized

    efficiency, and hygiene.
    ?Learning of alternative cooking processes.
    ?Overall understanding of catering services management.
    ?Appropriate catering management in varying situations.
    ?Appropriate management and provision of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
    ?Planning menus and food list for different occasions and situations.

    If you are planning to take on Food and Beverage Management as your future career, keep in

    mind that the requirements of this course is similar to those of any managerial job in the

    industry. If you are a hard worker, enjoy supervising others and dealing with a lot of

    people, and is willing to learn basic skills to be able to manage food services, then this

    career is the best for you. This career pays well with a starting salary of up to 20,000$ if

    you happens to be with a very good company.

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