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    Green Tea contains a multitude of properties that can enhance the vitality of your skin. The

    key antioxidant found in this skin tea that will improve your skins appearance and overall

    health is Epigallocatechin Gallate, EGCG in short. Keep reading to learn some impressive

    information about how Green Tea can and WILL change the life of your skin.

    A two firefall gold year study

    href="http://www.wakfukamasshop.com/">Wakfu Kamas that was undertaken by Stanford

    University revealed recently showed the following - An assembly of volunteer Green Tea

    drinkers were observed and a number of exciting results were publicized. The wonderful

    antioxidants in this skin tea, mostly EGCG, proved enhanced health of the skin in general.

    The essentials being, smoother skin and reduced pore size. Age spots (skin damage) emergence

    was lowered considerably. Appearance of the red vein look was lowered on the skins exterior.

    Your skins life cycle is that of just 28 days, when new cells are formed from stem cells, it

    takes them about 20 days to reach the very exterior layer of the skin (epidermis). When they

    reach the surface they are then ready to die off. However it emerged that EGCG reacted with

    these dying cells and they began separating and renewing themselves again. So if dying skin

    cells can be re-energised, then the skin in turn will recover in condition and will naturally

    look and feel transformed.

    A further study carried out by Harvard Medical School confirmed that “in test tubes,

    catechins (antioxidants) are more powerful that Vitamin C and E in delaying oxidative damage

    to cell”. In reality, EGCG catechins are 100 times more valuable than Vitamin C and 25 more

    efficient than Vitamin E.

    UV radiation is a massive hindrance for the skins ageing. When UV rays afflict the skin, Free

    Radicals are then activated. These free cheap wow

    gold radicals are unpaired electrons. Because of this they then look for for electrons

    that they can pair up with.In doing this they are capable of attaching to healthy electrons,

    and because they are unhealthy themselves they harm the healthy electron they have become

    attached to.

    With reference to the skin’s aging, the skins healthy cells are damaged and extinguished by

    these Free Radicals. This causes the skins cells to either become so damaged that they cannot

    divide and deliver new cells, or they are destroyed completely before their life term should

    end. This is how sun damage has the effect it has and why your skin can look older and more

    ragged than it should. The excellent news is that EGCG eliminates the free radical electrons,

    it does not permit them in attaching to healthy cells. So, it has the

    href="http://www.swtorcredits1000k.com/">swtor credit ability to foil sun damage.

    However, it does not mean it is safe for you to lay under the sun for as long as you please

    and think that a cup of Green Tea will save your skin, however it does mean that for those

    rays that get through your sun cream, most of them will be extinguished before they can do

    any damage. So you can see how Green Tea can coincide with your sun protective routine and

    assist your skin in looking as youthful and healthy as it should do. Considering that 90% of

    ALL skins anti aging is due to UV radiation, I would be quite excited as regards introducing

    Green Tea into my diet, in favor of that and the many other reasons as above.

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